What We Do

We cultivate and harvest the world-famous Authentic Devgad Alphonso Mangoes. We deliver fresh fruits and processed fruits to food preparations, food processing, hospitality, pharma industry, institutions, corporates, supermarkets, and caterers. We source the best quality input for fruit pulp processing with high hygienic standards. We, at VecoV, make sure to give a phenomenal edge to all our contributors, whether they’re exporters, retailers, wholesalers or supermarkets. We produce and supply export grade fresh alphonso to our exporters.We also facilitate in phytosanitary certifications and packaging. We are socially responsible for making a difference in the environment and the health of humankind. Premium Quality Devgad Hapoos is what we believe in. Quality has consistently been a very centric and significant part of VecoV. To ensure the finest quality to our customers, our quality team continually reviews our produce from harvesting to final packaging process.

Our Orchards

We deliver fresh and juicy world-famous authentic Devgad Alphonso mangoes from our own century-old, lush green orchard at Padel in Devgad region of scenic coastal Konkan in the state of Maharashtra, India. We also deliver fresh Pomegranate, Apples and more from our associate farmer network. Our products offer world-class products, meeting international standards and compliance of domestic and export markets. We invite you to visit our orchards-Farm pick up option or direct delivery to all 4 zones of India (N-E-S-W). We are known for premium quality Alphonso mangoes which has an impeccable aroma, orangish pulp and thin skin which peels like a banana and absolutely amazing taste.

Benefits to Our Clients

From sourcing to packaging and delivery, our entire production process is geared to ensure quality and complete customer satisfaction at VecoV. The company has an unbeatable edge to its offering. VecoV produces and supplies fruits from fruit growing areas based on FRUIT GI TAG which ensures the traceability and thus fruits are supplied to its true natural characteristics like amazing aroma. Our client also has an added advantage of getting customized packing and labeling.

  • Just in Time (JIT) Inventory
  • Standardization of fruit supply
  • Eliminating idle time while processing
  • Less handling of fruits
  • Reducing activity such as sorting, grading, ripening, etc…
  • Reducing wastage at factory
  • Improving production planning and control
  • Maxium yield of products

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